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Whilst looking for a house in Abruzzo we met many estate agents. We had very specific requirements and unfortunately many of them showed us what was on their books, rather that what would actually suit us.
From the beginning, Paola really listened to us. She has a wealth of beautiful properties available but only took us to see ones with potential and within budget. We found our dream house quickly once we met her!
We found our dream house quickly once we met her!
Unlike in the UK, the estate agency doesn’t stop once they find you the house, part of the service (or certainly in the case of Majellacase) is guiding you through the purchase process. This is where Paola and her colleagues were invaluable:

They helped us look at the land registry to buy surrounding land and organise it into one purchase to make it tax efficient.
The seller needed a power of attorney which came from another country. When it came back it had mistakes in it. Paola spotted this and made them re-do it, saving us who knows what trouble if it had gone through whilst invalid.
We didn’t need a lawyer, we were able to talk through all of the documents in their office with the help of a translator and make any necessary changes.

As well as all of this, the service they provide has been personal, responsive and always very warm. We felt complete confidence in buying our house with Majellacase and would do it all again in a heartbeat! We cannot recommend them enough!

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