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Living in Abruzzo

Living in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a region to discover, that offers one of a kind riches: a combination of nature, enogastronomy and art. The natural framework of sea and mountains classifies it at the top of green tourism. Only a few know that this region is the greenest of Europe with more than a third of its surface covered by parks and reserves. Our territory is distinguished for its closeness to the sea and the mountain, that makes it an ideal place to live immersed in nature.
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Living in Abruzzo

nature: a park on the mountain facing the sea

The Majella is one of the most important mountainous chains of the Italian Apennine, famous for the countless itineraries dedicated to tourists and the National Park. It is located precisely between the provinces of Pescara, L'Aquila and Chieti. In its interior there are seven stately natural reserves and some assets of cultural interest, amongst the most relevant in Abruzzo. If you are a lover of animals, you must know that the entire area of the Majella National Park holds species of animals otherwise not seen in common places, such as the otter, the golden eagle and the apennine wolf. If instead you are a sport or nature adventure enthusiast, the national park allows visitors to enjoy numerous activities pre-organized by the managers of the park, such as excursions, skiing lessons, bungee jumping, etc.

But not only National Parks!

Majellacase works in many cities and hamlets of Abruzzo, on the mountain, along the coast of the Adriatic sea and in the cities rich in history and culture such as Atri, Capestrano and many more

The enogastronomic heritage of Abruzzo

One of the regions with a rich gastronomic heritage is surelyAbruzzo, which presents numerous typical dishes realised with the best raw ingredients at its disposal. The pasture is the historic activity that has the left most signs in the protected area. The other activity is the cultivation of cereals (grain, spelt) and legumes. The pastoral economy is connected to a flourishing production of cheeses and cured meats. The arrosticini are absolutely the typical abruzzo dish most appreciated in Italy and overseas, it is not possible to visit Abruzzo without trying the original arrosticini of Abruzzo.

Abruzzo is a succession of smells and colours, of numerous stages where green stretches of hills cross with luxurious meadows, hermitages and ancient hamlets, majestic mountain ranges like the Gran Sasso and the Majella massif and precious natural reserves.

Living in Abruzzo
Living in Abruzzo


In Abruzzo it is possible to enjoy history and art demonstrated by many castles and abbeys. In fact, medieval time is the one that leaves the most mark on the territory, in particular in the hinterland and in the foothill areas, where it is possible to visit hermitages, castles and other historic structures.

We in Majellacase operate also in the territory of Atri (TE), six miles from the Adriatic sea, it is one of the most ancient cities in Abruzzo. It is proven by its origins that it is an object of discussion often surrounded by legendary halos. The historic centre of Atri is dotted with monuments, noble palaces, museums, characteristic streets and squares that rotate around the main street Corso Elio Adriano, named after the omonimous emperor, under which still lay the antique roads in Roman paving and precios mosaics belonging to the rich domus, partly recuperated.
Wonderful religious buildings and imposing nobiliar palaxes that tart from the renaissance period overlook here.

Our territory is rich in art and history, come descover it with us!

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