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We had dreamed about owning a place of our own in wonderful Italy. But what was holding us back was the worry about all the practical things.
We finally decided to take the leap and started looking for a house.
L'Abruzzo è una zona bellissima e offre molte attività diverse.
We got in contact with Paola and after traveling to Italy to see some properties we found what we were looking for in Caramanico Terme.
From there on the crew at the agency made everything go very smooth. They explained the process of buying a house and answered all our questions.
The papers for buying the house would be signed during the pandemic and traveling was a bit troublesome at that time, so Paola arranged a proxy that we signed, and they took care of everything from there.
Once we were proud owner of a house, we wanted to make some adjustment.
Dopo aver parlato con Lino sono stati presi gli accordi per realizzare ciò che volevamo fare. Ha ottimi contatti con gli operai locali e tutto è stato incredibilmente veloce.
Anche se la nostra conoscenza dell'italiano è quasi nulla, comunicare è stato molto facile grazie al loro traduttore.
So, if you are in the position where we were a year ago, worrying about all the things that could go wrong, stop worrying and take the leap. You will not find better help and support in making your dream come true.
Best regards.

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