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We are a UK family and have recently purchased a house which was marketed by Paola at Majellacase in the beautiful village of San Valentino. They have a Team of Professionals working in their office which include an English speaking translator Anna she was great, an Architect and Paolas husband Lino has a Construction Company so they have all the Trades too. Paola is extremely efficient she responds to emails/calls back promptly and keeps you updated every step of the way. You can be assured that any advice given to you is accurate and true. They know all the Legal Professionals which are required for the purchase and I would recommend just asking Paola to use the notary she thinks is best. We are extremely grateful to Paola, Lino and their Fantastic Team for All their support during the purchase and for our ongoing journey renovating the house. We would definitely recommend Majellacase Immobiliare. The Mathews Family

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