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My husband and I would like to send our greatest appreciation to Paola and her team at Majellacasa, who have made the purchase of our home in Italy totally trouble free.
Paola and her team acted on our behalf during the entire purchasing process including the viewing of the property, negotiating with the owners, preparation of relevant documents as well as advising us on various Italian legislations, renovation tips and finding local tradesmen etc. They have done such a magnificent job which made our experience a very present one.
Paola’s company, Majellacasa, not only provide customers with real-estate related advice, but also employ a comprehensive team of experts to assist with every step from the sale of the property to many other services. The Majellacasa team includes real estate agent, surveyors, architects, engineers, technicians and designers etc. English interpreter was always organised to thoroughly explain every single detail to us to ease our worries for language barriers.
Thanks to Paola and her husband, Lino’s effective planning, we signed the purchase documents within the same week of out arrival in Italy without any hassle. That left us with plenty of time to explore the area where we may one day call home. The professional conduct, the resourceful advice and the welcoming hospitality have made Majellacasa a very special real estate company. Both my husband and I would sincerely recommend Majellacasa without hesitation to anyone who might be interested in purchasing properties in the Abruzzo region.

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