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Where do I begin to write a review about Paola and the team at Majellacase. I'm not one for writing reviews but felt the desire to write one in this instance. To say that Paola went above and beyond the duties of a real estate agent would be the understatement of the Century. During Covid I encountered endless problems trying to purchase a home in my father's hometown all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Not knowing the landscape in Italy, I was worried about administrative problems and having the rug pulled from under me. Paola acted professionally but soon became like a friend and held my hand through the whole process. She attended appointments for me and acted between the local councils and Italian consulate for me to obtain all the required documentation throughout the long 9-month process. Today I am the proud owner of a great little home and will be taking advantage of the Italian renovation grant scheme which Paola is also helping me to achieve. I'll be building an outdoor pizza oven, can't wait to have you over for some pizza and wine Paola, thank you so much.

P.S - To the reader, I'm happy for Paola to give you my WhatsApp number if you require any further information or would like a personal reference.

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