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Enticed by one HGTV episode aired in the U.S., my husband and I decided to inquire about a detached house in the historic town of Abbateggio, Italy. We contacted two listing real estate agencies; only one answered in record time, the Majellacasa, and so out incredible Italian adventure started. The intricate but exciting process involved the initial meet and greet, tour of town and property, financial matters and legal issues involving a notary, the European version of a lawyer. The property of our interest dates back to 1900 and was in need of serious repair. Paula, the real estate agent, and Lino, the engineer and architect in charge with the project helped us every step of the way at many levels. Refurbishing a property thousands of miles away by plane requires honest effort from all parties involved. Paula and Lino have been an incredible team dedicated to their clients. They have gone beyond their job description to turn our renovation into reality. The work involved so much more than just reconfiguring problem areas. Their recommendations reflected their refined artistic vision as well as love and respect for local history that was to continue in the 21st century. Their level of professionalism defies expectations by echoing an era when craftsmen took their time to do things right.The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures stand proof that the renovation was nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Lino and Paola for all your help and for waving your magic wand in the quaint town of Abbateggio.

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