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After narrowing our property search to Abruzzo, we made a trip last year specifically to find our perfect home. Paola was the only realtor who responded to my inquiries prior to arrival, and also had the listing that I was sure was “the one.”
When the scheduled visit showed us that it wasn’t right after all, she and Lino took the time (over a wonderful Sunday lunch) to understand what we really wanted. Without any pushiness or bait and switch, she found us one that met every single wish. We made an offer the same day. Since then, she has been exceptionally kind, responsive and honest as we worked through the purchase process.
Every step was explained and supported, every question was answered directly and fully. Everything went smoothly, even handling the close process remotely via a limited power of attorney. We saw many Majellacase signs on local homes, so I believe they must be as trustworthy for locals selling as for us stranieri buying. In my opinion, this is because they build strong relationships and follow through with all their customers. She and Lino are and will remain trusted resources, and I hope friends, once we can finally call Abruzzo our home.
I recommend Majellacase to anyone looking for a home in Abruzzo.

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